For information, the construction is progressing well, the apartments will be delivered in June 2018 – Only 16 apartments left for sale.

A Prestigious Residential and Sports Complex which is designed to meet the expectations of an Elite Group, made for Those who Wish to Invest in an Exclusive Place.

Your Apartment at the Heart of an Exceptional Multi-Purpose Complex dedicated to Sports and Recreation.

Located on the Best Exposed Hillsides of the Lake Geneva. Oriented to the South with a Breathtaking View over Geneva’s Lake!

This new Luxury Development is built in a Private and Secured area, on a Magnificent Park that leads to a forest filled with a beautiful vegetation; tall trees, flowers and nice paths.

The infrastructures will also include a hotel with a bar and restaurant with a friendly terrace.

To meet your request concerning some concierge services, chambermaid, housekeeper, meal delivery and so on… for any issues you will find hotel services on-site.

On-site, a la carte or on subscription, you can benefit from first-class facilities, for example:


  • A Large Space reserved to Sports Activities with also Wellness facilities.
  • A Care and Reeducation Pool
  •  Semi-Olympic Pool 25 Meters long
  • Sauna
  • Fitness Room – 200 sqm
  • A Multifunctional Sports Hall – 400 sqm
  • A Multifunctional Sports Hall – 1,100 sqm
  • Sport’s Medicine Consultation
  • Care and Therapeutic, 5 Rooms
  • And more…


  • 30,000 sqm devoted to Sports Facilities.
  • Football Grounds: 3, 1 with synthetic grass surface and 2 with natural grass
  • And more…

A Nice Choice of Apartments, in an Elegant and Contemporary Style, with Magnificent Terraces facing South!

16 km from Lausanne
09 km from Vevey
16 km from Montreux
78 km from GVA Airport
At 2 minutes from the entrance to the highway A9

For ski and mountain enthusiasts, you will be at 85 Km from Verbier, ski area of the 4 Valleys

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information and/or for a visit at your best convenience.

Apartment: 2 bedrooms from 1,300,000 to 1,720,000 CHF

Apartment: 3 bedrooms from 1,650,000 to 2,950,000 CHF

Penthouse, 2 floors with private rooftop pool, price upon request

Parking place in the garage: 60,000 CHF

See a view taking from apartment 01.08/09, first floor: View from apartment 01.08/09


Floor Plans & Pricing

Appartement Rez-Jardin, Lot 99.0222CHFSold
Appartement Rez-Jardin, Lot 99.0322CHFSold
Appartement Rez-Jardin, Lot 99.0422CHFSold
Appartement Rez-Jardin, Lot 99.0522CHFSold
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.012291.201450000CHF2018
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.0222CHFSold
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.0333111.861500000CHF2018
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.0422CHFSold
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.0533133.571780000CHF2018
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.062288.831300000CHF2018
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.072298.231350000CHF2018
Appartement Rez, Lot 00.0811CHFSold
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.012294.291450000CHF2018
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.0222CHFSold
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.0333CHFSold
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.0422CHFSold
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.0522CHFSold
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.0633109.691650000CHF2018
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.0722CHFSold
Appartement 1er Etage, Lot 01.08/0933169.472750000CHF2018
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.0133CHFSold
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.0222CHFSold
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.0322111.311750000CHF2018
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.0422CHFSold
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.0522CHFSold
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.0633106.161720000CHF2018
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.072288.611400000CHF2018
Appartement 2ème Etage, Lot 02.08/0933164.292850000CHF2018
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.0122CHFSold
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.0222CHFSold
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.0332111.311850000CHF2018
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.042292.0361720000CHF2018
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.0522CHFSold
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.0633106.161820000CHF2018
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.0722CHFSold
Appartement 3ème Etage, Lot 03.08/0933164.292950000CHF2018
Penthouse, 2 Floors, Lot 04.0143259CHF2018
Penthouse, 2 Floors, Lot 04.0385558CHF2018

Property Features

  • Amazing Views
  • Health Facilities
  • Panoramic Balcony
  • Sports Infrastructures


Property location is approximate and show only the city concerned. For further details please contact Second Homes 4U.

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